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Why Parents-Teachers Associations (PTA) are Important

Teresita Sibayan

By: Teresita Sibayan | Squeeze | Published July 16, 2017 | Updated August 16, 2017


Every elementary and secondary school is tasked to organize a Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) for the purpose of providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, discussion of issues, and formulation of solutions related to the school program. This association provides a venue to effectively reach the full cooperation of parents for the efficient implementation of such program.

This is one of the general principles of the Department of Education Order No. 54, series of 2009. The very idea of a general assembly organized by the PTA in every school is very important because it serves as a free avenue and platform for discussion for teachers and parents. The goal of such an assembly is a meeting of minds and hearts to uplift the school environment and to improve the categorical conditions that the children / pupils are experiencing.

It is only in this opportune venue where parents and teachers freely sketch common goals and unite to conduct school-related activities, to initiate projects, and to aid in the implementation of school policies. Communication is vital in ensuring that the best conditions are set to educate the children / pupils. Information-dissemination is more efficiently achieved through the PTA officers.

This assembly may be conducted twice a year in order for accomplishments to be properly recognized and for concerns to be properly resolved. Likewise, appreciation of strong partnership shall be duly regarded.

Truly, an organized PTA and the proper conduct of general assemblies in every school contribute to establishing a strong community, to linking all stakeholders, and to achieving the objective of making a fit learning environment for the children / pupils. #

The author is Principal II of Gutad Elementary School.

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