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Ukay-ukay Upgrades


By: Squeeze PH | Squeeze | Published July 10, 2017 | Updated August 16, 2017


Be fabulously fashion forward without spending too much money! All you need are keen eyes, strong hands for digging, and patience to unearth the wonders of an “ukay-ukay.” An ukay-ukay, ukayan or thrift shop is the best place where you can create and innovate your own style at a low cost.

Cebu’s fashion blogger and ukay-ukay enthusiast, Ukay-ukay Diva Alem Garcia, gives a spin on how to look stylish with these ukay-ukay outfits.

White Top: Php 5 (Iligan Ukayan) | Denim Jumpers: Php 35 (Maguikay Ukayan) | Shoes: Php 200 (Maguikay Ukayan)

Tank Top: Php 10 (Isabel, Leyte Ukayan) | Jeans: Php 150 (Ukayan under Sampaguita Suites, Cebu City) | Bag: Php 250 (Maguikay Ukayan)

Sweater: Php 150 (Ukay-ukayan under Sampaguita Suites) | Jeans: Php 180 (Ukay-ukayan under Sampaguita Suites) | Bag: Php 350 (Ukay-ukayan at Sta. Cruz, Zamboanga City)

Blue Polo: Php 10 (Bacayan ukay-ukay) | Light Blue Pants: Php 150 (Piazza Elesia Ukay-Ukay scene)

Shoes: Php 100 | Vest: Php 40 | Black Sando: Php 10 | Blue Polo: Php 100 | Black Jeans: Php 100

Visit #UkayDiva at www.ukayukaydiva.com | Photo by: Dominic Dimagmaliw

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