Speaxout: Manifesto of Educators Against Tyranny

By: EDUCATE (Educators Against Tyranny) | Squeeze | Published December 12, 2017 | Updated December 12, 2017


We, educators against tyranny collectively condemn the creeping authoritarianism of the Duterte administration. We believe that to defend our country from imperial plunder is a patriotic duty of all Filipinos. To speak the truth and defend the marginalized sections of our society is not terrorism but a great act for humanity.

The majority of the Filipino people including the educators is challenged by the realities of our times. One of these challenges is the attack on our basic democratic rights which the Duterte government has labeled as counter productive to his iron-fist rule.

Because we believe that our rights as a people are violated due to –

· Mass killings due to Duterte’s War On Drugs ;
· Rising number of extra-judicial killings (EJKs);
· Wanton disregard for democratic institutions and  processes;
· Continued rehabilitation of the Marcoses and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and their clique  to solidify Duterte’s reign in power;
· Favoring oligarchs and big companies for profit;
· Puppetry to US interests and of the big business;
· Continued militarization of the country sides;
· Fake clamor  and senseless bid for a  “revolutionary” government to be headed by Duterte to give him full powers in all branches of the government and crush dissent;
· Continuing mass arrests and  filing of trumped-up charges against leaders of the  legal and democratic organizations and
· Utter disregard for the rights of the Lumad to education and children of the working people in general;
· Disproportionate preference for the welfare of the military over civilian bureaucracy ;
· Privatization of basic public utilities and services; and
· Abandonment of the peace negotiations which is due to discuss the basic socio-economic demands of the Filipino people.

These acts comprise a systematic attack against the rights and welfare of the Filipino people, most especially the marginalized and vulnerable. Therefore, as educators against tyranny, we stand together with other sectors and groups in fighting the resurgence of fascist rule in Duterte’s administration.

Our collective voice must be heard against the tyrannical rule of the few in this present administration. We are also urging fellow teachers and educators to register their protest against a one-man rule form of governance. We can start by declaring that we do not want Duterte to use our ranks and educational institutions in order to defend or justify the rottenness of his rule and intentions!

Defend the future of our people! Defeat the imposition of dictatorship!
Fight the US- backed Duterte’s fascist attacks!
Expose and reject the fake “revolutionary” government of Duterte!
End state tyranny!

* EDUCATE (Educators Against Tyranny) is a broad alliance of teachers and educators of basic and tertiary education in the Philippines.

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