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How to Motivate Teachers

Teresita Sibayan

By: Teresita Sibayan | Squeeze | Published July 13, 2017 | Updated August 16, 2017


Being a School Administrator is not merely a title or an accolade. It is a position not only of power but more so a position of responsibility. In the school administrator lies the total performance of the school. The mammoth task of education entails not only the total commitment of the school administrator but the responsible commitment of the teachers. The school is a place of learning for every Filipino child. The success of the school administration entails the pivotal role of the teachers to make every child functionally literate

The school and the learners require not only qualified but motivated teachers. A motivated teacher is a happy and committed educator. Teachers are the harbingers of the education curriculum intended per grade level. The Department of Education continues to search, craft and implement new strategies and innovations to ensure the quality of education. In order to realize and actualize quality education for every learner, we need teachers who are not only equipped and skilled but motivated to fulfill the integral role of rearing an educated and learned populace.

As a school administrator, I firmly believe that in order to motivate teachers, we have to touch not only their heads but their hearts. After all, the core of teaching is both a profession and a passion. In fact, I would humbly go far as saying that we need to touch the hearts of our teachers first before reaching their heads. As educators, we are at the heart of selflessness.

A humble school administrator does not simply dictate. She or he listens and learns from her colleagues and acts using sound judgement and objective parameters. To motivate teachers means to share their struggles and triumphs. As a school administrator, I have always stood for honor and excellence. I provide assistance and supervision in crafting our teachers’ daily lesson logs and in structuring their classrooms. In the delivery of our curriculum, I manifest honest suggestions and share various teaching strategies I have learned and developed during the course of my servitude as a humble teacher.

Spending time with our teachers, sharing experiences, addressing concerns, and contributing to reach their full potential as deliverers of the curriculum, the school administrator must be able to inculcate in the teachers the valiant role of fulfilling our mandate to provide quality education.

In my almost five years of experience as a school administrator, the best way to motivate teachers is to LEAD WITH A SERVANT HEART. Leadership is service. Teaching is a shared responsibility. Leading with a servant heart is working with them, mentoring is doing or acting with them, and performing our mandate is being passionate with them. A school with motivated teachers is a school full of resources.

The author is Principal II of Gutad Elementary School.

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