Cinemalaya 2017 Winners Announced


By: Squeeze PH | Squeeze News | Published August 13, 2017 | Updated August 13, 2017


Not even cautionary texts regarding possible aftershocks hindered cineastes to mobilize and watch, or enjoy and analyze the films in this season of Cinemalaya.

With old and new filmmakers and filmworkers in a common objective to produce films for the Filipinos, the Cinemalaya 2017 harvested a strong collection.

Here are the winners of Cinemalaya 2017:

Best Film (full-length) – Respeto

#Cinemalaya2017 Best Film: Respeto

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Special Jury Prize (full-length) – Baconaua
Netpac Jury prize (full-length) – Respeto
Best feature film (full-length) – Respeto
Best Director (full-length feature film) – Joseph Israel Laban, Baconaua
Best Actor (full-length film) – Noel Comia Jr, Kiko Boksingero
Best Actress (full-length film) – Angeli Bayani, Bagahe
Best Supporting Actor (full-length) – Dido de la Paz, Respeto
Best Supporting Actress (full-length) – Yayo Aguila, Kiko Boksingero
Audience choice (full-length feature film) – Respeto
Best Sound (full-length feature film) – Corinne San Juan, Respeto
Best Original Music Score (full-length) – Pepe Manikan, Kiko Boksingero
Best Editing (full-length feature film) Lawrence Ang, Respeto
Best Production Design (full-length feature film) – Marxie Maolen Fadul, Nabubulok
Best Cinematography (full-length feature film) – Baconaua and Respeto
Best Screenplay (full-length feature film) – Zig Dulay, Bagahe
Audience choice (short feature film) – Nakauwi Na
Best Screenplay (short feature film) – Duwi Monteagudo, Bawod
NETPAC Jury Prize, (short feature film) – Aliens Ata
Best Director (short feature film) – E del Mundo, Manong ng Pa-aling
Best Short (feature film) – Hilom
Special Jury Prize (short feature film) – Fatima Marie Torres and the Invasion of Space Shuttle Pinas 25

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