Brazil’s Former President Lula Found Guilty of Corruption

John Clifford Sibayan

By: John Clifford Sibayan | Squeeze | Published July 12, 2017 | Updated August 16, 2017


Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was sentenced to 9.5 years of imprisonment due to corruption and money laundering.

Receiving bribes from an engineering firm is one of the five corruption cases filed against da Silva.

Federal judge Sergio Moro found Lula guilty of receiving $1.2 million worth of bribes from OAS SA, an engineering and construction firm. According to the court decision, Lula helped the said company to win contracts with state oil company Petroleo Brasileiro .

Despite the conviction and a pile of charges against him, Lula is still considered by the Brazilians as one of the most influential and most popular political leaders of Brazil. Da Silva exited his second term with a stratospheric 87% approval rating.

Even former United States President Barack Obama considered him as a popular political personality.

Lula was a union leader before he rose to presidency. Lula and his supporters decried the series of trials and the recent conviction as nothing but political attacks against a strong progressive leader.

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