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Five Reasons Why We Love My Love From the Star PH

John Clifford Sibayan

By: John Clifford Sibayan | Squeeze | Published July 25, 2017 | Updated August 16, 2017


Bb. Joyce Bernal directs GMA Entertainment’s version of the hit Korean romantic comedy / drama My Love From the Star (MLFTS). Now nearing the adaptation’s end, “faneys” (fans) can’t help but ask for an extension. But it doesn’t work that way. An adaptation is an adaptation, not a kilometric excuse to reek in profit. Here are five reasons why the adaptation of MLTFS has been a real Filipino one, in body, mind and spirit!

Jennyln Mercado slayed the role of Steffi

Jennylyn Mercado, who rose to fame as Starstruck Ultimate Survivor, has been known to be very good in drama. But the recent rise of Romantic Comedy (RomCom) flicks has allowed Jen to showcase her acting prowess. No one else comes to mind to give justice to the character of the Pinay Steffi. Jen exceeded our expectations in portraying the iconic character. Her acting skills, coupled with a well-crafted Filipino humor, made the adaptation an instant hit to the Filipino viewers.

Newcomer Gil Cuerva is a welcome surprise!

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Gil Cuerva maybe a newcomer but his charisma as a model is not the only reason that people have given him the thumbs up. What interested the viewers is his resemblance to the original Korean MLFTS lead star, Kim Soo-Hyun. And what surprised the audience is Gil’s bachelor-next-door-acting – his seeming stoic acting rendered intense by his character’s special abilities. The model can act! We are looking forward to Gil’s future projects.

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MLFTS also registers strong in Social Media

MLFTS Philippines’ pilot episode (May 29, 2017) is among social media’s trending topics in the Philippines and worldwide. MLFTS earned spots in the top ten most-buzzed-about shows worldwide, according to WorldScreen.com. MLFTS garnered around 50,000 comments. It’s pilot episode registered as 11.0% in National Urban Television Audience Measurement (NUTAM) of AGB Nielsen, higher than its rival.

Intelligent Directing

Eto na! Natapos ko na edit!

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Director Joyce Bernal gives justice to the MLFTS Philippine adaptation. Her treatment varies every episode, from drama to historical creative narrative to simple everyday philosophical takes. But the treatment that never escapes each episode is the reinvented romantic-comedy. Bb. Joyce intelligently makes all her characters’ shine with their own rendition. She has successfully delivered a Filipinized version of a foreign piece, just like how she rendered the PH remake of Marimar led by Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes.

We are MLFTS!

Family members, barkadas, and group / troop members have their tossed coins, drew stras, or asserted who they are among the characters, big or small, of MLFTS Philippine remake. Either you are the alien hero, the damsel beyond distress, the hopeless romantic, the friend-zoned bestfriend, the frienemy, the social climber, the savage and traitorous company head, the keeper of secrets, the passerby, the outsider looking in, or the insider looking out. One thing’s for sure: We Are MLFTS!

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